Integration with Payroll Metrics API Set

API Payroll Integration

Payroll Metrics integrates with your corporate software that shares common data with payroll and workforce management
such as the following :

  • recruitment,
  • e-Learning
  • human capital management (HRIS)
  • finance
  • workforce management (Although Payroll Metrics’ software contains a workforce management module you may need only payroll functionality).

We achieve this with a comprehensive set of APIs.
The APIs have been designed with the ability to translate your code structures to Payroll Metrics’ code structures and vice versa.
The API design allows either Payroll Metrics’ software or your corporate software to act as the source-of-truth.
When your corporate software is defined as the source-of-truth for payroll, Payroll Metrics’ software can be inhibited from performing certain functions i.e. accepting self-service leave requests and specified data field edits in its data entry screens.
Source-of-truth can be applied independently to your corporate software. For example, you may have an HCM application that acts as the source-of-truth for payroll and you may have a e-Learning module where payroll is its source-of-truth.
Payroll Metrics’ software can be white labelled to accommodate your corporate colours and logo.

Payroll Metrics’ API Platform
Update Functions
Retrieval Functions
EmployeesAdd a new employee, amend employee information,  terminate an employeeRetrieve employee information
Job Classifications and associated rates of payAdd a new job classification/ pay rate; amend job classification information/ pay rateRetrieve job classification data/ pay rate
Work patternsAdd a new work pattern; amend a work pattern de-activate a work patternRetrieve a work pattern
RostersAdd a new roster; amend a rosterRetrieve roster data
Org StructureAdd new org structure; amend org structure; de-activate org structureRetrieve org structure data
Cost CentresAdd new cost centres; amend cost centre descriptions; de-activate cost centresRetrieve cost centre data
Leave applications (requests/ cancelations)Create a leave request/ cancellationRetrieve a leave request/ cancellation
TimesheetsSend timesheetsRetrieve timesheets
Retrieve Leave balancesN/ARequest leave type; leave date; employee(s)
Report retrieval.N/Adata Retrieve reports: i.e. pay slips; pay Journal; cost reports
Pay enquiryN/ASpecify a pay period or select  YTD; and employee(s)
Retrieve employee EarningsN/ASelect a period range  and employees
Retrieve leave projection dataN/ASelect the leave type(s) the employee(s) and the projection date