Why Should You become a Payroll Metrics Vendor

Why Should You become a Payroll Metrics Vendor?

If you are a payroll services provider and consider your payroll software  no longer suitable  for your requirements going forward, we are confident that as a Payroll Metrics vendor you will  achieve the benefits of:

  • greater staff productivity,
  • a lower overall cost structure,
  • happier customers and staff and
  • improved disaster risk management.

We know the price-points for competitive payroll and time and attendance services and the costs of managing software and infrastructure. Our pricing model for payroll service providers protects your profits today and into the future.

The cost of transitioning can be evaluated by trialling your existing customers’ payrolls with our software.

We have more than twenty five years’ experience managing payroll services operations. In that time we developed and managed web-delivered software and infrastructure, while processing payroll for more than 1000 organisations.   We have accumulated a great depth of knowledge managing payrolls of all sizes from all industries.

To contact us for more information call 1300 233 246 or email us at info@payrollmetrics.com.au to speak to a Payroll Metrics representative.  You won’t be pressured, (we don’t have sales staff) we are only interested in giving you the clearest picture possible of the benefits that Payroll Metrics’ software has for your business.