Cloud Based Payroll Software

Online (Cloud Based) Payroll Software

At Payroll Metrics, we know that running a pay office can be hard work. Payroll is one of the most important roles in any organisation because it directly impacts employees overall perception of the company. Being paid on time, every time, is not an option but a requirement and an expectation of every employee

Working with some of Australia’s best pay offices we have concluded that these top performing payroll offices are not created by chance or luck. One of the key characteristics of the world’s top performing pay offices is that they embrace change. They view themselves as cutting edge, always innovating and improving upon what they do. The moment new technology or new regulations come out; they jump on the wave with a strong determination to be leading the pack and demonstrating best practice in all areas. . Having developed what we believe is the best online payroll software for Australian companies of all sizes we expect our customers will reside in the top performer category relative to their peers.

Every pay office requires a set of internal control procedures designed to protect the company’s financial assets by avoiding risks associated with payroll. The risks include financial loss through unauthorised payments including fraudulent means. Australian payroll software should have a set of internal control procedures designed to protect the company’s financial assets.

One of the best-kept secrets of top pay offices across Australia is how much time they spend measuring their performance. These companies use these statistics to continually fine-tune their operations so they become known for their superior levels of performance. Our online payroll system provides a delivery and support regime which empowers users by reducing the need for technical support. This feature frees payroll staff to be more responsive to customer service requests and to be more confident of achieving and even surpassing their service level KPIs. The result is greater recognition by their peers and managers for services which surpass transaction processing.

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