A comprehensive payroll software solution for the not-for-profit sector.

Payroll Software for Not-For-Profit Sector

The not-for-profit sector faces challenges in rostering employees, monitoring time worked and paying employees in accordance with complex sector-related awards and agreements. These challenges persist in an operational environment where demands are continually changing.

NFP employers need payroll and workflow process automation that improves workforce management and that is affordable.

Payroll Metrics has developed solutions designed to:

  • optimise employee rostering in response to operational needs and to customers’ service requests. Rosters take account of planned leave, part time and casual employee availability, public holidays, planned shutdowns and they assist in minimising overtime costs.
  • utilise timesheet software that accommodates NFP organisations in dealing with changes to employees’ often erratic working times.
  • introduce automated workflow that allows approval of employee timesheets by the employee’s manager or by multiple managers.
  • enable self-service features for controlling leave requests and approvals.
  • utilise biometric time and attendance devices for monitoring employees’ start and finish times.
  • overcome miscalculations with robust award interpretation software designed to recognise the requirements specified in the sector’s awards including Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (SCHADS), Health and Professional Services Award, HSU Disability Services Union Collective Agreement for Accommodation Services, Australian Education Collective Agreement for Day Services.
  • utilise process automation that relieves your pay office from these tasks:
    •  generate distribute and store reports,
    • manage salary packaging contributions,
    • prepare and submit superannuation contribution payments and
    • provide finance system integration

Use of our software supports the delivery of quality services to clients while keeping costs down.