Payroll Management Software

Payroll Management Program

Whether you pay one employee or thousands of employees our payroll software is designed to make life easier for your pay office staff.

Payroll Metrics is built to bring you the best web-based payroll software program through its cutting-edge technology and unique features. Our payroll management system software boasts the following features:

  • The payroll calendar controls the key dates in each cycle. Of course you can override dates and you can add more cycles.
  • Rostering, timesheet generation and award interpretation are managed by our Workforce Management Software.
  • Smart reports are provided to help ensure there are no errors or overpayments.
  • Use the termination/redundancy module to calculate these transactions.
  • Our pay adjustment module immediately despatches a one-off EFT deposit when you authorise the transaction.
  • When the payroll cycle is ready for finalisation, the software generates a request to the payroll authoriser. This is a control measure, and a record of the authorisation is made, allowing the cycle to complete.
  • When authorisation is granted, a set of back-end processes are automatically initiated:
  • At end of month, all deductions and superannuation contributions are collected and despatched for payment.
  • Month-to-date and year-to-date accumulators are updated.
  • Employee EFT payments are created and despatched through a portal to the Australian banks
  • Process metrics are updated, this feature allows you to monitor your pay office KPIs.
  • Pre-scheduled payroll reports and pay slips are generated, catalogued and distributed.
  • New rosters are generated and published if required this cycle.
  • The general ledger update process is generated if required this cycle.
  • The payroll’s status is updated to “Active” for the next cycle.
payroll management software

Empower employees and managers through Self Service
  • Employees, managers and system administrators have the following functions
  • Manage employment data, bank accounts, emergency/visa.
  • View earnings, pay slips, pay adjustments, termination, payment summaries.
  • Manage timesheets, enter/ change rostered times, request reimbursements.
  • Manage leave processes, request/ cancel leave, reverse leave paid, leave projections.
  • Managers and team members can see the team’s leave plan.
payroll management software

Use the software’s utilities to ease the pay office’s workload
  • Upload timesheets from a 3rd party application.
  • Bulk upload commissions and bonuses, or salary changes directly into the employee database.
  • Transfer employees between payrolls.
  • Despatch payment summaries and TFN declarations electronically to the ATO.
  • Import employee updates from your recruitment/ HRIS software.
  • Update employee year-to-date figures, this is helpful for company mergers/ acquisitions.
payroll management software

Position Management
  • Create positions and assign employees to positions.
  • Create head-count budgets for positions, compare actual with budget by month, by quarter.
  • Relate pay rates or salary scales with positions.
  • Define competencies and qualifications.
  • Report on position vacancies and fill rates.
  • Create organisation charts and workflow hierarchies.
  • Define related higher duties positions.
  • Report EEO data.
payroll management software

End of Year
  • The software generates a Payment Summary Confirmation Report before financial year end.
  • You cannot process final payroll cycle for the year unless this report is approved.
  • The software automatically rolls over YTD values and produces payment summaries after the last process for the year.
  • You decide when to transfer payment summaries to the self service module for access by employees.
  • You can re-generate payment summaries.
  • Despatch the EMPDUPE file electronically to the ATO.
payroll management software