Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions

We offer:

  • Software,
  • Processing infrastructure, and
  • Customer service.


  1. Lowers operating costs
  2. Provides best practice security and data integrity
  3. Empowers users
  4. Delivers IT system up-time of 99.9%
  5. Provides great customer support
  6. Improves pay office engagement with the organisation

And how do we do it? Our Payroll software is designed to not only keep track of employee record but also to enhance your work processes, making them highly-efficient. Our product consistently positive payroll software review from our clients.

1.  Lowering Operating Costs

By Increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency: your ability to do more with less. We have extensive experience in operating a large payroll hosting and service delivery operation for more than two decades. Based on this experience our software will improve your pay office’s efficiency. We achieve this by automating many processes normally performed by pay office staff.

Effectiveness: your ability to reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction. Our software improves pay office effectiveness.

Gains in efficiency and effectiveness will increase your pay office’s productivity. Higher productivity means lower costs. The dividend is cost savings and greater output from your pay office.

2 Security and Data Integrity

All communication between a user and the software is encrypted. Our software utilises variable password construction:

  • a minimum length of six characters
  • a choice three complexity levels
  • options to control maximum password age
  • mandatory account lockout after a period of non-usage
  • option to control the number of unique password iterations

We use Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to control access to the software. With RBAC, a user can access information or initiate processes only when actions are permitted by the user’s profile.

Our audit module captures all changes. And it details every user’s activity.

When a payroll is authorised for payment, the software initiates a series of “back-end” processes. These processes complete the payroll cycle and prohibit interference with the payroll.

3. Empowering Users

  • Enabling users to be more self-sufficient. This is in contrast with older software that requires frequent technical interventions. These interventions often impede pay office staff from getting things done.

4. Secure Infrastructure Platform (see the article “Cloud Computing”)

We assure you that the IT infrastructure underpinning your payroll is the best available. That is why we chose Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud infrastructure service. Azure complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for security and reliability offering up-time guarantee of 99.9%.

5. Customer Service Program

Payroll Metrics makes quality customer service delivery its highest priority. Our Customer Service Program focuses on identifying problems and improving our solutions. A Customer Service Level Agreement commits us to targeted response times for the services we offer. Customer Satisfaction Surveys and periodic performance reviews are other important components.

6. Improved Pay Office Engagement with Your Organisation

Improvements to pay office efficiency and effectiveness enable your pay office staff to engage more effectively with your organisation. Run on benefits include:

  • The capacity to extend cut-off times for payroll input
  • Reduced time in fulfilling pay office service requests
  • The ability to provide value in the form of information created through the integrated report writer from the payroll database


Our payroll software is unique in its ability to help employers and their payroll offices to be top performing payroll operations. These benefits make compelling reasons for changing your payroll software to Payroll Metrics.