Staff Rostering Software

Efficient and flexible rosters are critical for attracting and keeping good employees.

There are requirements defined in modern awards for how far in advance rosters must be displayed. But more importantly, a roster that’s displayed at least four weeks in advance allows employees to plan their lives and achieve more of the ‘work-life’ balance. One reason for poor employee retention (and roster turmoil) is because good employees don’t stay long in businesses that are not sensitive to these issues.

Automated Staff rostering software has the advantage of handling shift requests and availability on the spot. And online services allow rostering to be done entirely online – you can prepare the roster, notify shifts by SMS or email and allow employees to accept shifts or request changes automatically. Online rosters are more likely to be read because they effect a person directly, and it’s an important part of moving your communication and management away from paper.

Payroll Metrics’ rostering module makes it easier for our customers to control and improve the service levels they deliver. There are fewer last minute changes and people are matched to the shifts as per the needs and their skills making the process effective.

Payroll Metrics’ rostering module has the following features:

  • Manage your rosters. If your rostering needs are dynamic, you can change rostered hours on the fly and allocate employees to jobs or sites.
  • Notify your employees. Employees are notified of all roster changes vie the software’s work-flow.
  • Receive employee feedback. Casual and part-time employees can advise their availability over the roster period and beyond.
  • Cost your rosters. Our software costs your rosters and re-costs them as they change.

Visit our services page to see a full list of benefits. Or give us a call today and find out why, together with our integrated payroll software we are the best choice for rostering software Australia offers.