Single Touch Payroll

Payroll Metrics’ Implementation of Single Touch Payroll

Our philosophy of automating payroll processes has continued with our implementation of STP.
The software creates a pay event file for every payroll process. Pay event files are sent to the ATO via an STP-accredited Gateway.
The software’s STP Manager records the status of every Pay Event through their journey to approval by the ATO.
If the ATO encounters exceptions in a Pay Event the STP Manager records the exception message and sends a notification to the payroll administrator. Pay Events can be re-submitted, or Update Events submitted if requested by the ATO’s exception messages.
The software creates a Pay Event Reconciliation report for every Pay Event. This report is a readable facsimile of the XML-encoded STP file. For security purposes the STP Pay Event Reconciliation report is accessible only through the software’s report repository as a read only Excel file.
Our STP implementation supports Registered Agents in submitting Pay Events on behalf of their clients.
At year end, the software sends an end of financial year Pay Event when the payroll administrator runs the final payroll process for the year.