Time and Attendance Management Software

Time and Attendance Software

Payroll Metrics understands that managing employees and monitoring time and productivity records are vital aspects of any company’s success. With that in mind, we have developed advanced time tracking software that spreads accountability for managing attendance throughout the organisation.

Our time and attendance software features state-of-the-art workforce management tools that help businesses reduce costs, maximise employee productivity, streamline business processes and boost competitiveness in their market.

We provide affordable workforce solutions that enable both small and big businesses to accurately track and monitor employee work hours. Our software contains a powerful web-based feature enabling employees to access their timesheets directly. Employees may also use mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, for time keeping. Managers have access to an attendance dashboard which notifies whether or not employees should be on the premises. This is achieved where Payroll Metrics installs “web Enabled” biometric clocks in the customer’s premises. The clocks are polled directly by the time and attendance software throughout each 24 hour period providing up to the minute attendance data.

Furthermore, it has the ability to send notifications to both employees and their managers when they fail to “clock in” or when they “clock out” before their shift ends.

Gone are the days when employee time and attendance and payroll software operate separately. With Payroll Metrics’ time and attendance payroll software, organisations can manage employee time and attendance with absolute ease and convenience.

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