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Whether you have one award or multiple awards and EBAs, our built-in Workforce Management Software is designed for you.

Payroll Metrics offers the best workforce management software for companies of all sizes. One of the most impressive features of Payroll Metrics’ payroll and workforce management software is its ability to effectively scale from a few employees to tens of thousands of employees. And our pricing model enables organisations of every size to choose Payroll Metrics from amongst workforce management software vendors as the most cost effective solution.

  • Create and manage work patterns. A work pattern is an employee’s work schedule that reflects their employment contract. The software supports asynchronous work patterns where hours of work are different from one pay period to another.
  • Create and manage calendars. Integrate your planned RDO dates, your special holiday dates, your standby calendar, your planned sleepovers and your planned leave with the software’s public holiday calendar.
  • Create and publish employee rosters. You define the amount of advance notice employees receive for their rosters.
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  • Electronic employee timesheets are automatically created for each pay period. They contain rostered hours, all holidays and planned leave.
  • Enter start and finish times on data collection devices or have your employees update their timesheets directly. Time data can be collected from time-clocks or employees can use their mobile devices for timekeeping – collected times are entered into employee timesheets by the software.
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  • Manage your rosters. If your rostering needs are dynamic you can change rostered hours on the fly and allocate employees to jobs or sites.
  • Notify your employees. Employees are notified of all roster changes vie the software’s work-flow.
  • Receive employee feedback. Casual and part time employees can advise their availability over the roster period and beyond.
  • Cost your rosters. Our software costs your rosters and re-costs them as they change.
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  • Manage Pay rules. Create and manage your pay rules using the software’s sophisticated rules engine. There is no requirement to engage “expert consultants” to do this work. If you understand your EBA/ awards you can define and create rules. Create rules for day workers and shift workers. Create rules for paying annual leave.
  • Interpret timesheets. The software generates pay elements with associated hours by analysing hours worked in combination with the pay rules and rostered hours – the software can allocate site allowances and hourly site penalties.
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  • Submitted timesheets are processed by the award interpreter then work-flowed to an employee’s manager for approval.
  • The manager can approve, reject or amend timesheets.
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  • Wages can be “made up” or “made down” to average FTE hours when employees work in asynchronous work patterns or where work patterns have been changed because of roster changes.
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  • A daily attendance dashboard is available for managers specifying when employees should be on premises
  • Send messages to employees. Notifications can be sent to employees and their manager when employees do not “clock in” or when employees “clock out” from the workplace before the end of their shift.
  • Generate workflows:
  • Notify employees of new roster.
  • Notify employee of roster changes.
  • Notify employee and manager of failure to “clock in” or “clock out”.
  • Request authorisation of timesheet.
  • Notify employee of timesheet approval.
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  • Analysis of single day absences by day of week; by gender, employee category, by cost centre, or cost centre range etc.
  • Analysis of casual employee absences when rostered
  • Analysis of overtime by day of the week
  • Analysis of overtime by shift type
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