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Payroll Metrics creates enterprise level payroll and workforce management software in one application.

Our software is a secure, cloud-native application delivered as a Software as a Service solution and operates on any device with a web browser.

Every pay office needs to be a centre of excellence, delivering great customer service, effectively engaging with their organisation and producing valuable information from employee and payroll data.

Our software enables payroll offices to achieve top-performer status by automating processes they continue to perform with legacy payroll software.

Top performing pay offices in Australia are two and a half times more efficient than the average of their peers.

Top performing pay offices know that leveraging technology improves your organisation’s resilience against malicious attempts to access or corrupt your data.

Your pay office can achieve top performer status, improve its efficiency and reduce its operating costs by transitioning to the benchmark in stable, modern and reliable payroll software in Australia.


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Termination Normal

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terminations with Payroll Metrics’ software.
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Termination Redundancy

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Products & Services

Payroll Software

Whether you pay one employee or thousands of employees our payroll software is designed to make life easier for your pay office staff.….More

Corporate Customer Services

Is your organisation looking for stunning cloud delivered payroll software?….More

Workforce Management Software

Whether you have one award or multiple awards and EBAs, our built-in Workforce Management Software is designed for you.….More

Time and Attendance Software

Payroll Metrics understands that managing employees and monitoring time and productivity records are vital aspects of any company’s success.….More

Integration with Payroll Metrics API Set

Payroll Metrics integrates with your corporate software that shares common data with payroll and workforce management….More

Payroll Provider Services (Vendors)

Are you a payroll services provider looking for a stable, modern, reliable software solution to replace your own software so you can concentrate on giving your clients great payroll services?…More

Cloud Delivery

Our software is deployed on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud infrastructure platform. Azure complies with ISO 27001 for data centre management and Azure delivers a 99.9% availability service level. Azure provides built-in network load balancing and resiliency to hardware failure minimising system downtime to the equivalent of international bank-grade infrastructure.

Payroll software for the not-for-profit sector

The not-for-profit sector faces challenges in rostering employees, monitoring time worked and paying employees in accordance with complex sector-related awards and agreements. These challenges persist in an operational environment where demands are continually changing.….More

Our Team

  • Greg McManus

    Managing Director

    About Greg McManus

    Greg entered the IT industry in the 1970’s developing commercial applications, performing sales support and education roles.

    He became involved in payroll software and service delivery in 1981.

    In 1988, whilst working at Mayne Nickless Computer Services, Greg managed the development of a payroll application for a new services business named Payline. Today Payline is flourishing and is owned and operated by ADP.

    In 1990 Greg founded his own business, National Payroll Systems, and introduced Australia’s first multi-tenant on demand payroll application, Payroll Plus. Today Payroll Plus is owned and operated by Talent2.

    Greg retired in 2012 but decided retirement was premature. He wanted to contribute to Australian payroll offices big and small, applying his knowledge and experience developing a new generation of payroll software. The software should be intuitive, should give users greater control and should minimise IT technical support. The software should improve the efficiency of payroll offices giving them time to engage more effectively with their organisations. And, importantly, the software’s efficiency should increase the profitability of payroll service providers.

    In February 2013 Greg founded the new payroll software company Payroll Metrics with the objective of achieving his goal.

  • Sandra Taylor


    About Sandra Taylor

    Sandra is a Director of Payroll Metrics providing leadership and expertise in the commercial aspects of the business.

    Her career began in the UK in the 1970’s as a buyer progressing over the years managing various portfolios and roles for the British Railways Board including the management of a procurement team and training in procurement software.

    During the privatisation of the Railways in 1990’s she undertook the role of Franchise Manager responsible for franchising a rail operating business, becoming the Commercial Manager upon its completion.

    In 1999, after a two year engagement for an engineering consultancy organisation, she set up her own procurement consultancy business. Her first contract saw her bring her franchising and procurement expertise and knowledge to Victoria’s rail franchising, working for a train operating company.

  • Margaret Ng

    Head of Development

    About Margaret Ng

    Margaret commenced her career in software development 30 years ago. Since 1988 she has dedicated her time to the development of payroll software, firstly with Payline for Mayne Nickless, secondly with Pay Plus at NPS and now with Payroll Metrics.

    She has the amazing skill of being a solutions designer/application architect, translating statutory and business requirements into technical designs. In addition, from her years developing payroll software she understands the Australian payroll landscape.

    Margaret also manages the development team with whom she constantly explores ideas and possibilities to push the boundaries and deliver the ultimate solution. As Head of Development Margaret provides strong leadership, creates a cohesive team and delivers her projects on time.


Payroll Metrics is Built for the Cloud.

As organisations direct their IT deployment towards cloud-based implementations, the question about the pros and cons of “cloud-native” software vs “cloud-hosted” software requires closer investigation by software buyers.

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Payroll Solutions

We offer:
Processing infrastructure, and
Customer service.

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Why Should You become a Payroll Metrics Vendor?

If you are a payroll services provider and consider your payroll software no longer suitable for your requirements going forward, we are confident that as a Payroll Metrics vendor you will achieve the benefits of.

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Payroll Metrics’ Implementation of Single Touch Payroll

Our philosophy of automating payroll processes has continued with our implementation of STP.
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Information Security and Quality Management Accreditation

Payroll Metrics is certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015, the internationally recognised standards for information security management and quality management.

The scope of the certification covers Payroll Metrics’:

• SaaS payroll software development and test activities,

• Hosted SaaS service, and

• Payroll SaaS service Customer Service delivery.

The Quality and Information Security Management System (Q&ISMS), comprising both Standards, confirms Payroll Metrics’ commitment to ensuring its systems are appropriately deployed and maintained. Employees are educated to understand their obligations to both quality management and information security management.

Payroll Metrics commits to continuous improvement, meeting requirements, and seeks to ensure that customer expectations are an integral part of every program.

Payroll Office Labour Distribution


Transactions 42.5%
Customer Services 22.5%

Analytics 10%
Administration 25%


Transactions 35%
Customer Services 32.5%

Analytics 15%
Administration 17.5%

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