Privacy Policy

1. Purpose

This Policy outlines Payroll Metrics’ ongoing obligations in respect of how Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is managed. Payroll Metrics has adopted the Australian PrivacyPrinciples (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the PrivacyAct). The APPs govern the way in which employee PII is collected, used, disclosed, stored, secured and disposed of.

2. Scope

PII is information that identifies an individual. Payroll Metrics’ software, operated by its customers, collects PII for the sole purpose of calculating earnings, tax and superannuation contributions for customers’ employees in accordance with Australian workplace laws.

3. Policy

3.1. Security of Personal Information

PII is to be:

3.2 Access to Personal Information

Payroll Metrics employees may request access to their PII by requesting a Director to provide the requested information. Payroll Metrics customers and their employees access their employees’ PII through the use of Payroll Metrics payroll software application:

The Quality and Information Security Management System (Q&ISMS), comprising both Standards, confirms Payroll Metrics’ commitment to ensuring its systems are appropriately deployed and maintained.

Employees are educated to understand their obligations to both quality management and information security management. Payroll Metrics commits to continuous improvement, meeting requirements, and seeks to ensure that customer expectations are an integral part of every program.

Access via the software to PII via these interfaces is processed by user login and password plus, two factor authentication for access via the self-service portal or, a personal Identification code for access via the mobile app. Payroll Metrics employees do not respond to requests from customers or their employees for PII.

3.3  Disclosure of Personal Information:

PII may be disclosed in the following circumstances:

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